Solving The Paradox Of Desi Liberals

You are liberal if you believe and advocate free expression of choice with out any bounds and limitations. It is liberal belief that there should be no restriction of any kind against personal choices. Liberals have all the reasons to prove that they should not bind themselves in any frame of thought because they are in “liberal frame of thought”. Many popular claims are gender equality  , free expression of voice  and free expression of choice. These noble liberal claims have interesting impressions to follow.
Firstly, gender equality means a woman can do whatever a man can do.” Gender roles are socially constructed that are  developed over the passage of time. It has nothing to do with biological, psychological and genetic make up of both gender”. Gender equality is maxim that is well fed by liberals.
A layman may ask that why a man does not develop motherhood if it is all about gender equality. Why only woman has medical issues ? Why only a man develops thick beard ? Why does a girl achieve age of puberty earlier than boy? Why do man remains marriage-able in later life? Why not man bears the pain of child birth ?
Liberals may say that gender equality is all about opportunities, choices and application.
In known history, marriage has been considered only institution that anchors the society on strong footholds. These liberals expression of marriage is somewhat hysterical. They consider that marriage is personal contact between two persons irrespective of gender. Choice  of sexual orientation is somewhat personal. Society should not have issues over that. hot debate triggered last year when Iman Mizari, daughter of Shireen Mizari, advocated same sex marriage . few liberal thinkers came with maxim of “freedom of choice” in the choice of sexual orientation. If woman puts on half dress or virtually no dress, liberal will support all the way in the name of  “freedom of choice”
Another important aspect of being liberal is to speak against military institutions.It shows liberal’s dutch courage. It signifies that you have got the perfection in liberalism.. Discussing the security and foreign policy on personal whims is well justified.
Another important aspect to become liberal is to target religious norms that lead the people to some kind of civility and modesty. It is habit to make joke of every social and moral value that does not cater the material benefit. Any sort of binding in any form or manifestation is opposite to very basic principle of freedom of expression. Condemning religious laws to protect the chastity of women is very fabric of liberal attire. No liberal can not attain the perfection if it does not disgraces Hijab and sexual fidelity.
Fourthly, to be liberal, you must be great claimant of freedom of expression. You can hurt religious sentiments, ridicule social norms, joke ethical standards and tear down morality fabrics in the guise of freedom of expression.


Solving The Media Paradox

Syria faces the worst migration crisis with lesser media representation. Kashmir faces worst state-terrorism with no popular attention of international media. Organized Rohingya genocide by Burmese Government is not the major concern of media which runs on issues and events. In comparison, death of Whites in Gays club seize the marathon coverage of media. Why is media so conservative and stereotyped in highlighting issues, it is worth-asking question.Why does media play double standard role in down-playing some incident or event. Why does it magnifies an issue to such an extent that it over-shadows many important aspects?
Firstly, global commercial media system is dominated by a small number of super-powerful mostly american based transnational media corporations.
Secondly, many interest groups manipulate the media for their own interests because they contribute in giving revenue to media in terms of advertising.
Thirdly, many of the large media corporations in all over the world and in Pakistan have the vertical integration. It means that they have their separate business along side media monopoly۔ They can go to any extreme to project and promote their business even its consequences are harmful. We are not likely to read deep criticism about economic, political or other policies that goes against the interests of the company owned by media conglomerate. We will hardly hear any criticism on heavily priced private education in Pakistan because it is against the interests of few media giants who own media institutions. You can hardly listen the core hygienic issues being discussed behind acute rise of heart problem and cancer because such discussions are not of worth-benefiting to media owners who have their own business or rely on industrial giants to supply advertising revenue.

Fourthly, in Pakistan and all over the world, military establishment filters the media to pursue improved institutional image by waging powerful media propaganda. Military propaganda is a common theme stereotyped in the developing nations that are undergoing some sort of conflict such as civil wars and border dispute.
Fifthly, media has become more a commercial and business entity. Media-industy complex avoids any debate that can question the industrial growth of relative company. Media is always trying to reserve business community’s rights on all grounds and at every cost and this attitude is not media’s own attitude. It is some kind of business attitude. In fact it is approach of those who don’t care about truth rather what they care about is their business gains.
How did western media projected the gulf war of 1991 and how media portrayed war on terror in Iraq in 2003 leaves the question that how far media can go to be led by nose by powerful interest groups to manipulate the public opinion.
Most hysterical media display was the destruction of a statue of Saddam Hussein on live global television provided pricely images desired by pentagon and bush administration. Closer analysis of this spectacle revealed that rather than mass rage against the Saddam Hussein, there were few assaulting the Saddam Hussein’s statue. Sound analysis of this spectacle revealed that there was small crowd around the statue and mostly the square was empty. Those assaulting the statue were mainly the members of the US- supported Iraqi national congress.
Closing the discourse, true independent media is distant dream in capitalistic world.

Western Culture; Its roots and Implications

For centuries, West has been under the sway of traditional Christianity. Ever encompassing impact of church on the politics and economy seized the intellect and rationality. Every voice and thought that can cause damage to Church’s authority was subdued. On side, Church has strong dominance on political, social and economical circles and on the other hand, inter-sect rivalries of Christians polarized the society on biased lines. After the invention of printing press and other communication technologies, dominance of church’s message feigned with different thoughts and contradictions started to be discussed. Many philosophers and scientists went into arduous test of trials and tribulations in the wake of threatening Church credibility. Europe saw historical political struggle leading to more inclusive political institutions. Anti-church sentiments escalated to such level that people started to disown religion. After industrial revolution, dynamics of social life experienced a new change. Matter and materialism started to be regard as God-father of everything. Banks, commercial plazas, dancing halls, bars, night clubs and stock-exchange replaced the church. Every social value that did not cater material benefit to society started to diminish from society. Only those morals were advocated that added material benefit to society. In this way, religion lost its significance against materialistic western philosophy.
Why did Church lost its significance and why Christianity was abandoned in practice, it is worth-asking question. According to Christianity, man is born with innate evil and he cannot achieve moral excellence unless he abandons the biological cravings. This religious philosophy bounds an individual to adopt asceticism if he is seeker of moral excellence. On societal level, this thinking builds the empire of backwardness and intellectual impasse. A society that anchors on social and political foundations cannot be built on religious philosophy that is devoid of materialistic value. It was needed that Christianity and materialism may find some common juncture so that moral excellence over material advancement should not be compromised. Islam terms human nature innately positive. Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said that every child comes on this earth as muslim (Saheh Bukhari). Islam advocates that struggle for  moral excellence and strife for fulfillment of material needs should go together  with balance and moderation.
It is historical tragedy that Crusades led propaganda against Islam infiltrated the intellectual mind of west that was getting free from yokes of Church. Dis-integrated Europe became Union against Islam under guide of religious clergy in the times of crusade. It was saddening for church also because religion that built unity amongst European states in the times of crusade was soon divorced and material advancement was adopted as point of unification. Islam could have fed the intellectual mind of west that was striving for a system of spiritual and material matrix. A system of life that not only catered the spiritual demands but also fulfilled intellectual and materialistic requirements. Western society based on materialism is going through worst moral crisis of history. In pursuit of lust, dancing halls, bars and night clubs were made. Sexual fidelity and filial love that are basis of family structure were sacrificed to fulfil the biological demands of mind body was hollowed spiritually. Let’s see how does materialism of west experience new changes in times to come.

From Industrial society to information society, How our society changed

Once it was agricultural society. Land was considered main influencing source of power. Land owners could maneuver and minuplate the interests of common people by restricting their wages, grains and living. Power of a land owner, fuedal lord or emperor was measured against the land, he owned or captured. Power dynamics of regional and global power politics was mainly centered over expansion of terrotorial limits of land.
Why land was considered so vital?
Because every source and mean that came to strengthen the power of state, was dependent on land.
Industrial revolution in west changed the situation in new form. Society started getting mechanized rapidly over time.It was “industrialised society” with machines as main source of power and strength.Colonial power got strengthened with inventing new technologies. Major part of the world was under the sway of colonial powers with the help of advanced technologies.
Advent of 20th century saw new shades of power politics. With invention of Telephone in 1876 to Television in 1927, information communication technologies became major part of mussling the power.Whether it was Lenon’s revolution or Hitler’s Nazism, print and electronic media played vital role in spreading the ideologies. Cold war era became the epicentre of information communication technologies. News agencies, media houses and hollywood movies played key role in advancing the capitalistic interests and degrading the expanding communism. After end of cold war, era of internet started.Internet has changed the life style of society.We are living in much informed society. Modern information and communication technologies have tied us into global village where “information” has become an asset . We call it information society or net-worked society also. Now global powers earn more than 50% of their GDP by mere selling information in different forms and manifestations.
From land as “power influencer” to information selling as “power contributer”, how our society has changed

4% Education Budget

United Nations urges its members to spend atleast 4% of Budget on education.
Constitution of Pakistan (25A) declares that there should be free access to Schools for children aging 5 to 16 years.
Despite the United Nations recommendations and constitutional provision of free schooling to Children, 2.5 crore children are reported to out of schools. It is alarming indicator for a country which is well-entrenched in snare of extremism, ignorance and lawlessness.A country that needs educational emergency to confront the spate of extremism allocates 2.2% of education. A good amount of allocated goes to corruption and what remains to support the educational system is deadly scarce.
Low budgeting for education is one of key problem but it is not the just one reason. Pakistan has four education system that work in their own sphere and capacity.
First are Government Schools that provide free but poor quality education to children.Second are private schools that work in the areas where there are no Government schools.Their quality of education is no more better than Government schools. Third are Madrassahs that mainly provide religious education to children. Not being equipped with moderation education and facilities, madrassahs have become nightmare in relation with spread of extremism in Pakistan.On fourth, there is elite private school system which harbors only rich class of society. It has all the facilities to support children to become leaders of the society. Therefore, society is divided on the lines of educational and academic bringing leading to class based society having masters and slaves.
Higher level education is also class based. There are government universities catering the desires of inspiring poor students and others are private universities sufficing the wishes of elite class.
How can we dream of unity, faith and discipline when right to free education is specified only for those whose money deserve.

Game of Choices, bureaucratic relief valves and rise of Mustafa Kamal

Political awakening was never allowed to thrive in motherland.Make-shifts were made to satisfy the anger of people and cater the needs of power politics.
Mustafa Kamal’s rise is just an episode to that very tale.MQM has been in the limelight of media over several allegations.It’s chief Altaf Hussain was protrayed as RAW agent.
By elections and then later on local body elections proved that such character-questioning compaign did not serve the purpose.
It is quite ironical that MQM was created to balance and limit the power of PPP in Urban Sindh.Same tactics are being utilized to limit the role of MQM in Karachi.
Where lies the political conscious of common person, it remains un-attended enigma.If you keep on changing the faces to give the name of “change” ,it will lead to nothing but strengthening of Mafias.
When you stop the process of developing social consciousness and used to “bureaucratic relief valves”, then the likes of Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain surface.
This game of choices and beaurocratic relief valves have ruined the country to dead end. Lack of social cohesion, monster of extremistic attitudes and weakening of civil society’s voice is outcome of policy of elities to bring favourites one in political arena by manuevering the public anger.