When Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre was televised on Pakistani TV Channels

It was  April 13, 1919 when a multitude of Punjabis  gathered in Amritsar’s Jallian wala Bagh as part of the Sikh Festival “Baisakhi fair” and to protest against the arrest of two leaders of Indian Independence Movement (Satya Pal and Saifuddin Kitchlew) by the British government.Giving no word of warning,General Dyer ordered 50 soldiers to fire into the peaceful and non-violent protesters  and for 10 to 15 minutes estimated 1,650 rounds of ammunition were fired on highly terrified crowd.Then world saw the huge pile of dead bodies of people who came to enjoy “Baisakhi fair” and to register peaceful protest.It was worst state terrorism of 20th century when a government  killed around 379 its own people and wounded 1100 to  deafen the peaceful voice of common men.
Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre was not televised because there was no electronic media at that time and stains of innocent blood were printed on Print Media and this is how all world came to know General Dyer’s onslaught on Indian civilians with the help of British Indian Army.
Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre was repeated in new form and manifestation on 17 June 2014 but it was televised on more than dozen Pakistan TV channels when more than 1000 policemen attacked PAT workers in the early morning in Model Town,Lahore Pakistan.Police came to remove barriers outside the offices of Minhaj Ul Quran International and Qadri’s residence in the Model Town but PAT workers protested against it and claimed that Government itself notified for barriers on security concerns after launching of fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide bombings by Dr.Tahir Ul Qadri.It was not General Dyer’s and British Indian Army but Punjab Government and Punjab Police which made the PAT head-quarter a living grave-yard of 14 dead bodies and more than 90 wounded people.Whole world saw this “Tragic movie” in modern age of civilization on TV cameras.PAT Chairman Dr.Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri carried a massive long March to Capital city,Islamabad to seek justice for martyrs.He staged a sit-in infront of Parliament and kept demanding justice for his martyred workers.The report compiled by Justice Baqir Ali Najfi of the Lahore High Court (LHC) directly held Punjab government responsible for ‘bloodbath’ in Model Town but it was never published and no further action was taken.Dr.Qadri ended 67 days long sit-in when he felt that it is futile to sit in capital.He decided to spread this sit-in in the form of nation wide movement.Later on he held rallies in Faisalabad,Lahore,Abbotabad and Bhakkar to record the protest but he could not continue due to falling health and had to leave America for immediate treatment.


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