Children and women have one thing very common.”They fascinate the things”
Bearing the pains in hope of pleasure of achievement links especially with children and women.How they felicitate the events,how they share the joyous moments and how they maximise the scope of pleasures of life.This is all due to divine driven special “sense of possesiveness”.You can observe in daily chores of life that children and women are more touched by the incidents and events.”Sensitivity” and “exclusive sense of possession” makes the child and women psychology more pleasurable in nature.If you did not notice it, observe it on next event, celebration or mourning.This wholesome of “sensitivity” and “greater sense of possesiveness” make their psychologies more emotional in nature which in turn make them more “concerned” by the happenings around.Children and women can magnify the scope of beauty and happiness due to in-built nature of “fascination”.Why boys develop more materialistic,realistic and less fascinating attitude in life once they come out of yolk of childhood, that is debate-able.Where as girls carry this special trait in their whole life.A mother bears the pangs of delivery in sensation and fascination of coming happiness in family.It is great sense of possesiveness among mothers who see all the future happiness of their life in the smiling face of infants.


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