Soul Of Islamic Culture

I think you will agree that culture of sub-continent did not change with advent of Islam.Dressing codes, eating behaviours, greeting ways and other social norms were civilized but did not take a new form.This highlights the beauty of a religion (دین) which is not mere name of rituals.This is not the only case of sub-continent.We can observe it from Africa to Asia that Islam civilized the people in the realm of their culture.Strong foundations of Islam are based on glorifying inner-self and then reaching out to “duties driven society”.A society which is structured on observance of duties (فرائض) rather than demanding rights( حقوق).This sets the tone of society where criterion for goodness of person lies in the “glorification of innerself”.
خیر الناس من ینفع الناس
As we see west which is doctorined on “material self”(جسم) has changed the outer attire of people.Glamourised face of west has shallowed the very essence of humanity.It could not exist in the realm of other cultures.
It is very sad on the part of some religious scholars who affix Islam with rituals and outlooks,ignoring the very fact that Islam is code of life that is doctorined on inner-self to view a society based on love,compassion and welfare.


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