Blasphemy Law and Mumtaz Qadri’s Case

I was trying to reach the tuition spot hastily.Walking on the pavement and glancing on TV screens that were flashing the “Breaking News”.

“Salman Taseer has been killed by his personal security guard”.It took me with some shock but I ignored it in next moment.I thought that mass murder is routine practice in my country.While teaching my student, different question kept ringing.Why will a security guard kill Salman Taseer, a governer? If killer was religious extremist, why did he not go for suicide attempt? Did Salman Taseer not know that there is “Black sheep” amongst security guards?

I did not  know the background of this sad happening.When I came back to University hostel, my cell phone started flooding with congratulations messages.

ممتاز قادری نے گستاخِ رسول کو جہنم رسید کر دیا۔

It compelled me to go into detail of the planned killing.Governer Punjab Salman Taseer had termed “Blasphemy Law” as “کالا قانون” in context with its wrong use againt christian minorities.Though Salman Taseer’s statement was condemnable but it never gives someone license to kill.

Blasphemy Law was formulated in 1984 in Zia regime.Dr.Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri was lawyer in the supreme court to support “Blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ deserves death penality”.Dr.Qadri appeared before supreme court for three consecutive days to prove his point by Quranic and Hadithic References.Supreme court gave its judicial ruling in favour of Dr.Qadri and 295-C clause was added in the constitution of Pakistan.

Dr.Qadri tried to approach Gen Zia to convince him on “procedural part” of law but he was never listened.

Why had Dr.Tahir Ul Qadri  serious reservations on Blasphemy Law though he advocated and won the case in supreme court?

It gives us lead to understand problem in Blasphemy Law.Every law has two parts.One is substantive and other procedural part.Substantive part of law means “judgement against crime”.Procedural part explains the tools, mechanisms, hearings and explanations to prove that judgement.

Death penality on blasphemy is substantive part of law.But what leads to blasphemy?how many evidences will be needed to prove the case? What will be requirements of judicial hearing? This all encompasses “procedural  part” of law.

Procedural part of law was never defined.When Dr.Qadri opposed procedural part of law then few people with good video-editing skills tried to prove that Dr.Qadri gave conflicting statements about blasphemy.

Now come to Mumtaz Qadri who turned out to be Hero of nation.Many marches and rallies were conducted in the excellence of “Ghazi” Mumtaz Qadri.This religious fanaticism  is special charateristic of our society.Molana Haneef Quraishi and Molana Ashraf Asif Jalali had given Fatwa in legitimising the killing of Salman Taseer.A simple religious mind of Mumtaz Qadri with normal eductaional background got convinced and shot dead his master.Now when Supreme court has given judicial ruling against Mumtaz Qadri, it is high time for all those religious scholars who legitimised the killing, to appear in supreme court and save Mumtaz Qadri’s life by bearing the brunt of crime.


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