Power Politics in Asia and Pakistan

Dear Pakistanies! India is rising economic market.Though it is uni-polar world with effective sway of United States on international regime.But things are changing dramatically.New economic zones are emerging in this global village.China is emerging super-power with effective global economic market.On the other hand, Japan is rising economic gaint.It has become imperative for united states to “Balance The Power” in Asia to maitain its international hegemony.Civil nuclear deal with US, International competitions of sports, Profit-making film industry, rising IT hub and other numerous factors give “Secular India” a status of game changer in power politics of Asia.They protray the image of “peaceful democratic country” where lower classes women are stripped naked in streets on minor crimes.Bollywood movies, great image builder source, shows splendour and  grandeur of India by showing sky-scrapers on the other hand Indian politicians  compaign on “Open Toilets”.It stands for advocate of human rights where as girls are raped un-checked.It is largest democracy with ” worst class difference” in the world.It is “largest AIDS producing country” with home to Cricket and Foot Ball tournaments.having said all the dichotomies, India is future power-balancer in Asia with China and Japan.It is most possible that power may shift to Asia in future multi-polar world, coming out of the yoke of US hegemony.
Pakistani leaders! Where will we stand in future power game as country?
Think about it.


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