Happy New year

When I remember my last year, it gives me mixed feelings of happiness and resentment.I feel glad that I was true to my loyalities and promises of life.I have not been that person who watches the comic tales of life and remains un-concerned.I have been answering the calls of my conscience.I did not compromise on my ambition.As an agent of change, I contributed for my society and country.I have never been harsh.My life has been patterened on softness, humbleness and purposiveness.I never yelled at someone who decieved me.I never thought ill about  anyone who is superior to me.
But there are loads of commitments that I broke.Commitments with Lord, The omnipotent.I took my soul to the darkness.I smoked the hellish air.I hardnened the softness of self-hood with incessant sins.Selfish desires devoured  generosity of my heart.Needs and drives of my lower self deprived me of the innocence.The things that were gem clear to me, got dimmed and blurred before me.In pursuit of conquering world, I lost myself in quagmire of confusions.


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