Dilemma of Proxy Wars and Pakistan

Proxy wars are fought for the regional interests of global powers and its toll is faced by players in the field.Era of Cold war  authenticates that argument.Cold war showed its muscles when Communist Soviet Union decided to expand its sphere of influence in Afghanistan and later in South Asia.USSR thought it ripe time to go for adventure as Islamic Revolution of Iran weakened the American camp.In 80’s,Afghanistan became the battle field for two arch rivals of cold war,United States and Soviet Union.Zia’s regime sided with United States in this simmering times.Meanwhile, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was keen to counter balance the Shia Rise in Region.Well planned Orchestra of Anti-shia sentiments was planned all over the Islamic world.Pakistan also saw its shades and Militant Anti Shia Jihadi Wings were formed under our “proud Intellengensia”.Same religious jehadi rhetoric made its footholds in Pakistan against communist rise in Afghanistan.Western media termed Taliban’s struggle against USSR “A Holy War”.After decade long exhausting war, Russia decided to leave and ended cold war.
Then came the “Terrorism monster” in the shape of Shia Genocide and Taliban uprising that was carpeted for long time.
After decade long bloodshed,Pakistan sees peace and amnesty.
Again Afghanistan takes the central stage.It is time to stop meddling in proxies and playing for global powers.We need peace,security and progress in our own country.


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