When a woman sees glory

What is status of woman in our society?
It poses a challenging question.
Girl is not liked even woman does not like to give birth to baby girl. There is psychological conditioning in their mind that woman is other name of slavery and servitude. Daughter is great workforce in the family, wife is source of solace and satisfaction and mother is repose of affection.
There is always preferential politics in the families. Boy will be regarded blue-eyed of the family and girl has to serve them. Boy will deal in offers with parents where as girl will succumb to parents wishes.
She is always in the fire to be burnt in pursuit of men’s desire.It becomes heavy toll on parents to protect the growing baby girl. She is taught and psychologically conditioned that woman has to remain in the environs of home.She is not considered protected jewel but a roaming danger.
Now she starts going school. Someone has to keep close eye on little angel so that she remains safe.
As she grows up, panic in parents builds up.”We have to find match to dispose off this thing”.
She is told and advised that being silent before parents is best of worship.
She is told that she is being married to that person. She takes the sigh of relief that atleast my parents barden is removed and she will be in pretty new environment.
She is married now and she is being observed whether she follows the moral lines of family.”This is my house and I have to live here till death”.
She sacrifices every bond and relationship to achieve and give happiness to both families.
Her miseries never end here. She will not achieve respect and stability in family if she does not come with baby. Her life is at risk of divorce if she does not become the reason of new life. She will do home chores, work in the field, tender her husband and look after the family matters.
If she is rebuked, scolded or beaten, she remains committed to home. She knows that she was disposed off from home like trash. Poor soul will not be welcomed by parents family. She knows that her mother will say “بیٹی.آپ کو گھر بسانا نہیں آتا”
She faces divorce threats, acid attacks, domestic voilence and exploitation but she has none to get heard.
Now she is mother. She eyes at her child to bring back the golry of her life. She sees missed dream in him.From pangs of birth day to domestic injustice, she has hope that my baby boy will exault me once for all.


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