Game of Choices, bureaucratic relief valves and rise of Mustafa Kamal

Political awakening was never allowed to thrive in motherland.Make-shifts were made to satisfy the anger of people and cater the needs of power politics.
Mustafa Kamal’s rise is just an episode to that very tale.MQM has been in the limelight of media over several allegations.It’s chief Altaf Hussain was protrayed as RAW agent.
By elections and then later on local body elections proved that such character-questioning compaign did not serve the purpose.
It is quite ironical that MQM was created to balance and limit the power of PPP in Urban Sindh.Same tactics are being utilized to limit the role of MQM in Karachi.
Where lies the political conscious of common person, it remains un-attended enigma.If you keep on changing the faces to give the name of “change” ,it will lead to nothing but strengthening of Mafias.
When you stop the process of developing social consciousness and used to “bureaucratic relief valves”, then the likes of Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain surface.
This game of choices and beaurocratic relief valves have ruined the country to dead end. Lack of social cohesion, monster of extremistic attitudes and weakening of civil society’s voice is outcome of policy of elities to bring favourites one in political arena by manuevering the public anger.


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