From Industrial society to information society, How our society changed

Once it was agricultural society. Land was considered main influencing source of power. Land owners could maneuver and minuplate the interests of common people by restricting their wages, grains and living. Power of a land owner, fuedal lord or emperor was measured against the land, he owned or captured. Power dynamics of regional and global power politics was mainly centered over expansion of terrotorial limits of land.
Why land was considered so vital?
Because every source and mean that came to strengthen the power of state, was dependent on land.
Industrial revolution in west changed the situation in new form. Society started getting mechanized rapidly over time.It was “industrialised society” with machines as main source of power and strength.Colonial power got strengthened with inventing new technologies. Major part of the world was under the sway of colonial powers with the help of advanced technologies.
Advent of 20th century saw new shades of power politics. With invention of Telephone in 1876 to Television in 1927, information communication technologies became major part of mussling the power.Whether it was Lenon’s revolution or Hitler’s Nazism, print and electronic media played vital role in spreading the ideologies. Cold war era became the epicentre of information communication technologies. News agencies, media houses and hollywood movies played key role in advancing the capitalistic interests and degrading the expanding communism. After end of cold war, era of internet started.Internet has changed the life style of society.We are living in much informed society. Modern information and communication technologies have tied us into global village where “information” has become an asset . We call it information society or net-worked society also. Now global powers earn more than 50% of their GDP by mere selling information in different forms and manifestations.
From land as “power influencer” to information selling as “power contributer”, how our society has changed


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