Western Culture; Its roots and Implications

For centuries, West has been under the sway of traditional Christianity. Ever encompassing impact of church on the politics and economy seized the intellect and rationality. Every voice and thought that can cause damage to Church’s authority was subdued. On side, Church has strong dominance on political, social and economical circles and on the other hand, inter-sect rivalries of Christians polarized the society on biased lines. After the invention of printing press and other communication technologies, dominance of church’s message feigned with different thoughts and contradictions started to be discussed. Many philosophers and scientists went into arduous test of trials and tribulations in the wake of threatening Church credibility. Europe saw historical political struggle leading to more inclusive political institutions. Anti-church sentiments escalated to such level that people started to disown religion. After industrial revolution, dynamics of social life experienced a new change. Matter and materialism started to be regard as God-father of everything. Banks, commercial plazas, dancing halls, bars, night clubs and stock-exchange replaced the church. Every social value that did not cater material benefit to society started to diminish from society. Only those morals were advocated that added material benefit to society. In this way, religion lost its significance against materialistic western philosophy.
Why did Church lost its significance and why Christianity was abandoned in practice, it is worth-asking question. According to Christianity, man is born with innate evil and he cannot achieve moral excellence unless he abandons the biological cravings. This religious philosophy bounds an individual to adopt asceticism if he is seeker of moral excellence. On societal level, this thinking builds the empire of backwardness and intellectual impasse. A society that anchors on social and political foundations cannot be built on religious philosophy that is devoid of materialistic value. It was needed that Christianity and materialism may find some common juncture so that moral excellence over material advancement should not be compromised. Islam terms human nature innately positive. Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said that every child comes on this earth as muslim (Saheh Bukhari). Islam advocates that struggle for  moral excellence and strife for fulfillment of material needs should go together  with balance and moderation.
It is historical tragedy that Crusades led propaganda against Islam infiltrated the intellectual mind of west that was getting free from yokes of Church. Dis-integrated Europe became Union against Islam under guide of religious clergy in the times of crusade. It was saddening for church also because religion that built unity amongst European states in the times of crusade was soon divorced and material advancement was adopted as point of unification. Islam could have fed the intellectual mind of west that was striving for a system of spiritual and material matrix. A system of life that not only catered the spiritual demands but also fulfilled intellectual and materialistic requirements. Western society based on materialism is going through worst moral crisis of history. In pursuit of lust, dancing halls, bars and night clubs were made. Sexual fidelity and filial love that are basis of family structure were sacrificed to fulfil the biological demands of mind body was hollowed spiritually. Let’s see how does materialism of west experience new changes in times to come.


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