Solving The Paradox Of Desi Liberals

You are liberal if you believe and advocate free expression of choice with out any bounds and limitations. It is liberal belief that there should be no restriction of any kind against personal choices. Liberals have all the reasons to prove that they should not bind themselves in any frame of thought because they are in “liberal frame of thought”. Many popular claims are gender equality  , free expression of voice  and free expression of choice. These noble liberal claims have interesting impressions to follow.
Firstly, gender equality means a woman can do whatever a man can do.” Gender roles are socially constructed that are  developed over the passage of time. It has nothing to do with biological, psychological and genetic make up of both gender”. Gender equality is maxim that is well fed by liberals.
A layman may ask that why a man does not develop motherhood if it is all about gender equality. Why only woman has medical issues ? Why only a man develops thick beard ? Why does a girl achieve age of puberty earlier than boy? Why do man remains marriage-able in later life? Why not man bears the pain of child birth ?
Liberals may say that gender equality is all about opportunities, choices and application.
In known history, marriage has been considered only institution that anchors the society on strong footholds. These liberals expression of marriage is somewhat hysterical. They consider that marriage is personal contact between two persons irrespective of gender. Choice  of sexual orientation is somewhat personal. Society should not have issues over that. hot debate triggered last year when Iman Mizari, daughter of Shireen Mizari, advocated same sex marriage . few liberal thinkers came with maxim of “freedom of choice” in the choice of sexual orientation. If woman puts on half dress or virtually no dress, liberal will support all the way in the name of  “freedom of choice”
Another important aspect of being liberal is to speak against military institutions.It shows liberal’s dutch courage. It signifies that you have got the perfection in liberalism.. Discussing the security and foreign policy on personal whims is well justified.
Another important aspect to become liberal is to target religious norms that lead the people to some kind of civility and modesty. It is habit to make joke of every social and moral value that does not cater the material benefit. Any sort of binding in any form or manifestation is opposite to very basic principle of freedom of expression. Condemning religious laws to protect the chastity of women is very fabric of liberal attire. No liberal can not attain the perfection if it does not disgraces Hijab and sexual fidelity.
Fourthly, to be liberal, you must be great claimant of freedom of expression. You can hurt religious sentiments, ridicule social norms, joke ethical standards and tear down morality fabrics in the guise of freedom of expression.


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